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Paul's Reflection 3.0: Chillingworth's Diary

I tore Dimmesdale's shirt off today, revealing his petit chest which was covered with a thick tuff of hair which shined in the dim light of the candel. It reached to me and called my hand to clutch his sweet bosom. I carressed his torso without breath feeling the uncontrollable passion burning from his body and mine. I drew my ear close to his chest and heard the soft beat of his light heart. I could smell the musky odor which is man. OH! Dimmesdal, how do I love thee, but what is this, which he wears. A mugshift [sic] letter "A" upon his chest. He is the one who was impurified by that woman, that evil Hester. He has been touched by the other sex and hist guilt is tearing him apart. But, yes! I know his secret. I can control him. He would do anything to hide it. Anything. Oh how my passions doth burn for thee. Goodnight sweet Dimmesdale. Hee! Hee! Hee!

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