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The Engineers at Menlo

Unofficial Constitution

Mission Statement

The Engineers at Menlo, TEAM, is committed to providing an enriching experience in the field of engineering, as well as introducing members to engineering in the marketplace. TEAM supports the principles of teamwork, cooperation, and learning.

Section I - Executive Administration

The elected officers of TEAM are responsible for fulfilling the mission statement of TEAM. The executive administration consists of at least one faculty advisor and four elected student officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Voting on elected officers takes place at the end of each academic year. Each elected officer serves one full year term; any elected officer may run for re-election.

Article 1: Officer Responsibilities

Attendance at meetings is mandatory; absences may be excused at the discretion of elected officers and the faculty advisor.

1. Faculty Advisor
The faculty advisor is a member of the faculty or administration who is committed to the mission statement of TEAM. The faculty advisor must be willing to consult with elected officers and members regarding any concerns of TEAM.
2. President
The President of this club appoints committees, and is responsible for the effectiveness of the administration of the Menlo TEAM. He or she also facilitates meetings and serves as the chief representative of TEAM.
3. Vice President
The Vice President is responsible for the organization of TEAM activities and projects. The Vice President assumes the responsibilities of the President whenever the President is unable to perform his or her duties. The Vice President assists the President in his or her duties.
4. Treasurer
The Treasurer is responsible for all financial matters of TEAM. He or she maintains accurate records of all expenitures and revenue facilitated by TEAM.
5. Secretary
The Secretary is responsible for producing and distributing meeting minutes.

Article 2: Impeachment of Officers

An elected officer may be removed from office if he or she is found to be repeatedly neglecting the responsibilities and rules defined by his or her office. An elected officer may be impeached and removed at the discretion of the faculty advisor, the remaining elected officers, and/or members of TEAM.

Section II - Club Membership

Article 1: Meeting Conduct

The club may not exclude any Menlo student from its meetings, unless the member disrupts the progress of the meeting through unacceptable behavior. In the case of a disruption, any member of TEAM or the faculty advisor may ask the disruptive member to leave. During meetings, all members agree to refrain from any activity not directly related to the principles of TEAM. (i.e. Magic)

Article 2: Voting Priviliges

Members who have indicated commitment through regular participation and payment of any membership fees implemented for the year may vote.

Article 3: Membership Dues

Membership dues may be implemented by the Treasurer. The Treasurer reserves the right to determine appropriate membership dues. Other individual funding may be necessary for activities throughout the year.

Section III - Amendment Clause

Amendments to the Constitution may be drafted by any member of TEAM. Proposed amendments will be reviewed by elected officers and the faculty advisor, and consequently ratified by the members of TEAM.

Suggestions are more than welcome.

revised by:
Nick Feamster
Tenaya Scheinman