What is Model U.N.?

What is the Model U.N.?

Model United Nations is designed to make its participants aware of what needs to be accomplished in the world of international affairs and then guides the participants to find a solution. It also illustrates first-hand difficulties of the international problems. But, most of all, Model United Nations is a challenging, yet enjoyable forum for learning international affairs, offering training in formal and informal negotiation and public speaking.

The Model United Nations consists of a loosely connected network of college and high school clubs across the United States and the world which meets at various conventions to carry out these activities. Notable MUN conventions include those at UC Berkeley, at the UN in New York, and at Harvard University.

Most of the important information on the MUN, what it is about, and so on, may be purhcased from the UNA-USA at

Publications Department
485 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10017-6104

Menlo Model United Nations has recently won an award at Berkeley from the UNA of the East Bay, for its outstanding work in its community for the publicizing of the goals and methods of the United Nations.

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