What is Menlo Model U.N.?

What is Menlo Model U.N.?

The Menlo Model U.N. is a small club at Menlo School which has just started to take advantage of the opportunities in the Model United Nations (see What is Model U.N.?). Although currently somewhat strapped for funds, we are attempting to push through these inconsequential barriers and meet the challenges put forward in our charter.

Last year we attended our first convention at Santa Theresa HS in San Jose, CA, in December, and our second at UC Berkeley last March. Planned activities for the coming school year include the Berkeley Delegate Workshop (mid-October), a convention at UCLA (early November), the Santa Theresa conference (early December), the UC Berkeley conference (mid-March), and another (as yet undetermined) in April.

To fulfill such grandiose plans, we need to accumulate a treasury large enough to pay delegate and delegation fees, as well as travel expenses, which can mount up very quickly. In consequence, the MMUN has instituted small membership dues.

In the future, we hope to watch our club grow in parallel to expanded respect for the principles of the United Nations.

Menlo Model United Nations has greatly expanded since that first installment. We are now doing much better, with over 25 registered members. Next year we hope to take as many as 30 delegates to some conferences. We will be attending Santa Teresa and Berkeley conference this year.

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