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About Kenneth Kang

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About Myself

I live in San Jose, CA. I find science, math, and computer programming interesting. I go to Menlo School who has just installed a Macintosh network, with a Mac as a sever. They also just got internet via an ISDN line (without a firewall, or so I've been told).

As you could probably guess, I am a PC user. Perhaps its that facination with prompts like C:\> and - that motivated me to install Linux on my computer so that I get a prompt like kangaroo~#. It also may explain my facination for math symbols and numbers that most people despise. So here goes, some math jokes.

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Math Jokes

There are three kinds of mathematicians. One who can count. The second, who can't.

Here's a problem. You must boil a kettle of water. There is a kettle on a table. You solve it by taking the kettle, filling it with water, placing it on the stove, and turning on the burner. Now, the kettle is on the floor. A normal person would say you solve it by taking the kettle, filling it with water, placing it on the stove, and turning on the burner. But, a mathematician says you place the kettle on the table and now the problem is the one solved previously.

This one is from US Physics Team Training Camp 1997:
Top Ten Signs You Won't Make the Traveling Team
10. After grading your first exam, Coach Boris gives you a Russian nickname and whenever he uses it Michael and the other Boris break out laughing.
9. You drink the water in the resonance column.
8. Your solution to the interference problem begins, "If the slits are very narrow, we may approximate them by having no slits at all."
7. You break the laser while using it to defend the lab against Imperial Stormtroopers.
6. You find one of your exames posted on the Internet under alt.rec.humor.physics
5. You try to tune the TV on your lab bench to The Simpsons but all you get is a funny blue line.
4. Whenever you see a derivative you try to cancel the d's.
3. You ate the colored candies in the radiation lab.
2. You bought a Star Trek Technical Manual so you could see some phasor diagrams.
1. You had a negative score on Richard Berg's Physics IQ Test.

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My Brief History

Also check my resume

Unofficial President of TEAM (The Engineers at Menlo)
Secretary-General of MMUN (Menlo Model United Nations)
Ambassador of the Neighborhood (Math and Computer Science Club)

Farnham Elementary (1989-1991)
Bagby Elementary (1985-1989)
West Valley (1984-1985)
Harker Academy, now known as The Harker School (1991-1994)
Menlo School (1994-1998)
EF Nice Studies (1996)
MathCamps 1996
Foothill ATYP (1994, 1995)
US Physics Team (1997)

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