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Compiling PGP 2.6.2

For US MIT Distribution on Linux ELF systems:

>       Can someone point me to a FAQ which explains how to compile USA
> pgp2.6.2 (obtained from MIT) for glibc2 Linux?  I'm running RedHat
> 5.2.  I vaguely remember there was a problem after the move to ELF but
> haven't compiled it in ages.  FAQs which discuss 2.6.2 seem rare these
> days; insight (or patch) leading to a successful compilation would be
> most appreciated.

You need to make two changes:

In 80386.S, change

#ifndef SYSV


#if !defined(SYSV) && !defined(__ELF__)

In zmatch.S, change

#ifdef SYSV


#if defined(SYSV) || defined(__ELF__)

In both cases, the line to change is near the top of the file.

Make these changes, and the source files will compile without a hitch.
Updated 2-17-99 Poster