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Dear Editor:

The author of this article ["Respectable Journalism", TSC Issue 3] makes many contradictory statements that I believe should be pointed out. He writes, "I cannot understand why they allow writers to make personal attacks on people... What gives a person the right to attack me?..." The author is offended when people attack him, but when discussing the purpose of this publication, he makes an attack stating that he believes, "This paper was formed so that a select few could slam their school in the name of free speech." The statement is not only false because this publication is an open forum for students to voice their opinions, but it also goes against his entire point which states that it is wrong to make attacks on people. He goes on to write, "In fact, the paper is a result of a few sour individuals who took the time to shove their negative thoughts on to the entire school." The writers are not shoving their thoughts onto anyone. It is the individual's choice to read or not to read this paper. The writers are merely letting their feelings be known to those who inquire. In these three statements the author viciously attacks the writers of The Subterranean Crusader. He also declares that there is a great quantity of false facts throughout the Subterranean. He states that the authors and editors of the Subterranean say "grossly inappropriate things" and calls their arguments "ridiculous." The writer is extremely hypocritical. He complains about how people do not have the right to attack others, yet he goes on to make attacks of his own towards the authors of the Subterranean.

The purpose of The Subterranean Crusader is to allow students to have an open forum in which they can voice their opinions. Why shouldn't it serve as a "complaint box"? Students need a forum in which they can express how they feel, whether it be a complaint or an acknowledgment. The students should be allowed to get their feelings published and to make their thoughts known. This should not be seen as a problem to anyone. After all, you make the choice to read.

Sincerely, Nisha Gulati

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