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Student Council Report

Last week, in Student Council on Wednesday, a number of items were discussed, which should be of interest to many. A project of "Christmas in April," as proposed by Mr. McNalley, was further noted, and several decisions were made, including a suggested indirect tax on students through their advocacies, in an effort to raise $1500 for that project. It was suggested that each advocacy be required to contribute a specified amount. The Subterranean Crusader urges all students to note that such action falls under the category of a tax placed by the Student Council upon the students, and that therefore it should have been subjected to a majority vote of the Student Body.

The Student Council's Ad Hoc Committee on Procedure postponed its meeting which had been scheduled for Monday, November 20 until the following week. According to the chair, minutes and proposals in progress will be available on the BBS starting Wednesday.

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