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Clubs and Committees

On Wednesday, November 29, the student council convened for the first time since the initial ad hoc Procedure Committee meeting. Consequently, the Procedure Committee Chairs presented a report on a potential proposal: guidelines for speaking within meetings. The Procedure Committee will meet again on Monday, December 4, in an effort to draft a formal proposal regarding speaking guidelines.

Furthermore, the captains of the Menlo Ultimate Frisbee Organization requested a financial grant from the student council in order to initiate fundraising, including the sale of T-shirts and frisbees. This financial grant was approved by the student council.

The Student Council moderator emphasized the importance of having a second curriculum committee representative (currently, there is only one). Faculty members will soon receive nomination forms for a potential curriculum committee representative from the junior class. The second curriculum committee representative will assume his or her duties at the start of the second semester.

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