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Letter to the Editors

Sirs: This letter is not directed to your paper or how it is abusing the freedom of speech; I enjoy its open forum for any student who has something to let off his mind. However, one article in particular angered me. This article was "Symbolism at Menlo" [TSC, Issue 4]. It is painfully obvious that the author of this article has never been part of a team, or any group event for that matter, and thus has no idea of camaraderie, especially at Menlo School. I do not want to infringe upon his thoughts or feelings for Menlo's mascot, the Knight, as he has ours; however, I find it hard to believe that you would rather be an Oak Grove Acorn or a Bellarmine Bell rather than a Knight. Are you doing this just to stand out, or do you really not like Menlo's mascot? If you don't, why not petition to change it? No support? Come to think of it, aren't all schools hiding behind their exoskeleton so as not to expose their delicate insides? Especially that Aragon Don -- that hat provides a very nice lair for protection. So if you're wondering why everyone feels so strongly about our mascot, are willing to have themselves called the "Knightingales" or another such play on the word "Knight", are willing to attend school events or sports when the weather is not favorable, then join a team. It's great for relieving stress, and you might just learn something about school spirit. I think both you and the school would benefit if you did so.

Sincerely Submitted,

Matt Ryan

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