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Editors' Column

Today's issue of the Coat of Arms contains a story which addresses the validity of The Subterranean Crusader. Although the editors of TSC have not had the opportunity to read this article thoroughly, we feel, based on this article and an article from the last issue of the Coat of Arms, that some tension exists between some members of the Coat of Arms and TSC. The editors of TSC wish to relieve that tension through assuring the student body that TSC is not by any means in competition with this paper. The goals of each paper differ, and thus, cannot be in direct competition.

Moreover, the editors have directly expressed their support for the Coat of Arms by submitting articles to the staff of that newspaper. The editors of TSC hold the Coat of Arms in high regard; we hope that this feeling is mutual. The world of literature, journalism specifically, is not dichotomous: it is possible to simultaneously support the principles of both TSC and the Coat of Arms. TSC supports the endeavors of the Coat of Arms, and we hope that the staff of the Coat of Arms supports the principles of TSC in the spirit of editorial journalism.

Furthermore, the editors of TSC hope to establish a collaborative system, whereby TSC will provide the Coat of Arms with articles which may be more appropriately published through that medium, and vice versa. The ultimate goal of journalism is to facilitate communication; therefore, TSC will support any machination which supports this end. In some cases, we believe a joint effort would reinforce cooperation in the spirit of journalism and provide for effective communication.

Of course, TSC will not provide the Coat of Arms with articles without consulting the authors of the respective articles. Cooperative journalism is a goal of TSC, but protection of the writer must be made the first priority. The ultimate goal of TSC is to provide a forum for communication in a non-threatening environment, and we will not compromise this principle.

John Earl, Nick Feamster, Editors.

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