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The Student Government

Whatever name you give it, the Associated Student Body (ASB), Student Council, or some of the same, it is quite ironic that the word student is used. Exactly what is a student government? A government elected by students? A government run by students? Either would be beneficial to Menlo School; however, the school lacks any form of it.

Well, you say, we elect the most popular people every spring. But is this student government? No. Electing ones best friends to a position that anyone can hold but no one can operate does not qualify as student government. The only just reason for participating in Menlos student government is the college application. Any fool can hold the office; it takes an even bigger one to try to push anything by the Tyrants of the crew. I can see them contemplating in their offices, This idea of mine, its pretty outrageous. But do you think our student council will pass it? Thats what we would like to think happens. But when the tyrants from Pattersons central offices want something done, they do it. Plain and simple. The students in the student government cant pass anything unless the Tyrants want it passed. What the students need to do is bypass the damn student elections and form their own committee with no administrators, and decide what the students themselves want, without the urgings of the Menlo School staff.

This whole fiasco is not the fault of the Menlo students. We try as hard as we can to make an impact, and the staff fully realizes this. But when the students meet to discuss taking action, there are administrators, and, of course, the Tyrants, to watch what they are doing, making sure that nothing reasonable ever survives. Of course, when the administrators meet, it is behind closed doors, behind the backs of the students of Menlo School, yet affecting their everyday lives. What have the students vote on the schedule change that was mysteriously laid on us last year? Why have us participate in the decision-making process at all? Were only paying your salaries, and, for Gods sake, were only children. We dont know what we want. Wed just ruin everything. Maybe we would, but at least wed have a voice in government, control over our lives, and influence over the future that we came to this institution to secure.

Again, we, as law-abiding students, should have a right to representation within the student government, and the right to make real decisions to affect our lives as Menlo students.


This page created for The Subterranean Crusader by John W. Earl. Last modified January 28, 1996.