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The Editors Column

This paper is no in its infancy, and so, for this inaugural issue, the editors have not had time to produce their weekly column. However, in the future, there will be a column on the right side of the last page of every copy of the Crusader detailing the editors opinions on the progress of the school towards a more freedom-oriented society.

Of course, this column will often consist of the most loud and fiery commentary, while at times it may seem rather quiet, as today, in comparison to the rest of the paper.

In this inaugural issue, the editors wish only to make it clear that the articles enclosed herein represent the efforts of a few very dedicated writers. We thank them, and hope that their good experience with our staffers will encourage them to write more in the future.

Finally, it is of vital importance that no reader of the Crusader construe the articles herein to be the "gospel" truth -- they are ideas and concepts generated by a few select individuals. The editors assume no responsibility for those opinions, and further designate that the names of the writers shall not be disclosed in any official form, and that the anonymity of contributors will be most carefully sustained.

With those few guidelines, enjoy!

John Earl, Nick Feamster, Editors

This page created for The Subterranean Crusader by John W. Earl. Last modified January 28, 1996.