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The Truth at Menlo?

As I look at the minutes from the last student council meeting, I wonder if anyone ever really cares about the truth. I look at the minutes from October 23, 1995, and I wonder, “What’s the point of even taking the minutes?” There was a decision made about the bonfire on the Friday of our “so-called” Spirit Week and it was presented in the minutes that “15 were in favor of it and 4 abstained.” Who was against the idea and for what reason? Aren’t these facts supposed to be included in the minutes? Oh...I’m sorry, I made a mistake; the minutes are supposed to take you only a minute to read. Now if we look at what else is written in the minutes, it says “V. Other.” Now that tells me a lot. So if we gave a copy of the minutes to someone who didn’t show up at the student council meetings, which is perfectly fine because nothing is ever accomplished there, I wonder if he or she would be able to tell what is going on in our “community.” Now this is what I mean by “does anyone really care about the truth?”

So now if we go back a little bit and look at what happened the weekend when the juniors destroyed the sophomores’ float, why didn’t anyone tell the juniors or the sophomores what had happened in the meeting between the members of both classes with Mr. Lapolla? Were they trying to hide something from both classes? I was personally ashamed when I didn’t find out what had happened. Are the rest of the juniors in a lower class than council members? I feel that since each class is its own community, why not let the rest of the class members know what had happened? Do you really know what is happening at Menlo? Oops! I’m sorry...the Menlo students are banned from the “truth.”

by Parimal Patel

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