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Council Report

On Wednesday, the student council continued its discussion of whether or not to adopt a standardized set of rules for order. Although a couple of members deemed this discussion a “waste,” most found the discussion very useful; it was determined that an Ad Hoc Procedure Committee be established for the purpose of establishing a set of rules for order, which the council would review during its meeting on November 29. Most likely, at that time, council will bring to the floor a proposed constitutional amendment to create a student body office, that of Parliamentarian. The decision as to the proposed adoption of an accepted system for order is an important one, because the system which is selected will determine how efficiently your student council carries out its duties in the future. The Subterranean Crusader suggests that all who are interested in this important decision, especially those who hold strong viewpoints on the issue, attend the meeting on November 29 (reminders and copies of the current Constitution will consequently be posted around campus). The adoption of these new proposed amendments would have a great effect on the council; it is up to you do decide whether the results of the proposed amendments would be beneficial or not, and to make sure the council hears your voice.


This page created for The Subterranean Crusader by John W. Earl. Last modified January 28, 1996.