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Editors' Column

We wish to apologize for the recall of last weekÕs issue; some last-minute objections were raised to a particular article which was printed, and, at the recommendation of the headmaster, we elected to attempt to take the issue out of circulation. The less offensive articles are available on the Menlo BBS.

One principle which the editors of The Subterranean Crusader will never compromise is the encouragement of intelligent and open debate and discussion. While our policies may continue to evolve as our newspaper grows, we will maintain the encouragement of developed thoughts and arguments. A plant which is not watered dies, a muscle which is not used atrophies, and a mind which is not exercised, withers.

Fortunately, as MenloÕs most frequent publication, the Subterranean has the flexibility to adapt its policies, based on the demands and concerns of the school. It is inevitable that a publication which is organized in such a brief span of time will include a number of mistakes.

CORRECTIONS: In the first issue, an author erroneously stated that all student council members came from a few local areas. According to the Admissions Office, this is no longer true -- the last two years have seen a decided increase in diversity in leadership. We apologize for the several spelling errors present in both the first and second issues. We have been made aware that attendance records must be maintained, pursuant to California education law.

John Earl, Nick Feamster, Co-Editors

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