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Response to "Why Attendance?"

(from Issue 2, November 3)

How Unwise to let students make their own decisions about attending classes. The fear of failing rarely stops a child from acting counter his/her own best interest. The purpose of a high school (in my opinion) is not to teach as much as it is to educate. To impart knowledge is inadequate. Children need training to make "Good" choices. If teachers or parents abdicate their roles as disciplinarians, each succeeding generation will sink further into Anarchy. There must be thousands of convicts and militia who were only to [sic] happy to skip class. Where did it get them, this lunatic fringe ? Sound Libertarian? Whos [sic] free will ? But I digress. If a student disrupts the class, s/he should be sent to a study hall (to study) not let out to do nothing. As maturity sets in fewer rules are needed, one problem being people mature at different rates with some never quite arriving at maturity, Ever. All ones' [sic] life, rules of some sort must be followed to one degree or another. Instead of opting out of the GAME, learn to play (network) and help to change the rules as needed.


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