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About the Subterranean Crusader

The Subterranean Crusader is a paper published weekly by students at Menlo School who wish to vent opinions which might not otherwise be voiced. It is open to all submissions, and the editors encourage you to submit articles to the person who gave you this publication. The Crusader means to bring to Menlo the element of dissension and free thought which has so long been left unexpressed.

All articles in the Crusader are entirely anonymous; there is no need to give the editors your name, etc, etc. The paper is never longer than four sides of an 8.5x11 sheet in length, yet the editors strive to put more words on four sheets than most papers do in twenty.

Although the Crusader is subtitled "Sedition in the Ranks", it is not so much a paper devoted to the promotion of sedition, but rather to allowing students to have greater access to the opinions held throughout the campus. The editors, though strictly Libertarian, will publish articles relating to almost any pursuit, and will publish conflicting opinions in their quest for truth through variety.


This page created for The Subterranean Crusader by John W. Earl. Last modified January 28, 1996.